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More great businesses to choose from!

QUEEN DYNA IS AMAZING!!!!! Owner and CEO of Queen Dyna's Projects and Got Music Radio, Queen is doing big things all over the country! This hard working mompreneur is an awesome radio host at 88.1 FM and CORE Radio, event host, community activists, and more!!!!

Want to get your commercials made and distributed all over the world? Queen Dyna will help you build your business on multiple media outlets through interviews, music features, fundraisers and more! She is such a trailblazer and is never afraid of starting something new in our community and beyond! 

Contact Queen Dyna - 313-433-1428

Facebook - Queen Dyna Group

YouTube - Queen Dyna Projects, LLC

LinkedIn - Dara Roquemore

Our 2021 Mompreneur Finalist, Ms. Christina Peterson of BarU is a great example of what being a Mompreneur is and what it should be. Christina has opened up her own Mobile Bartending business, BarU!!!! She recently announced that she is running her business full time!!!! YAAAAAY!!! Building together works guys! She is definitely MLL, LLC's event bartender!!!!

Whether it's an indoor party or outdoor party, Christina will make sure you and your guests have a variety of tasty livations to choose from. She even has her own drink recipe book coming out!!!! 

Contact Christina - 248-727-8548

Facebook - Christina Peterson

Instagram - @bar_u_llc_19